jQuery Loading

Load slower!

jQuery Loading - is a simple plugin, that helps you to make your users enjoyed, while them waiting for some process ends =)

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As any jQuery plugin, Loading can be fired with one line of code:


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How it works

In a nutshell, it appends necessary quantity of divs to given element, and then starts algorithm, that finds div, that must be animated, and then, gives it to stack of registered effects.

It would not be interesting for you, if it will not be able to push your own effects and algorithms.

So, this door is open! You can register your stack of effects, or some algorithm in Loading in a few seconds. Just like this:

var effect = function(div) {

$.fn.loading.effect('my-awesome-effect', effect);

Of course, here also an ability to configure Loading. It can be done by options object. Properties list presented at wiki pages.

Please, read wiki for dive deeper.